Become a Monthly Donor

Become a monthly donor today!

Light the Way is our monthly giving campaign designed to provide stable support for the NEO Youth Center.

We need your help to light the way for the youth. This recurring funding helps cover the operating expenses at the Youth Center so we can spend more time on youth programs and less time fundraising. It is an easy (and tax-deductible) way for you to show your ongoing support for NEO and our local youth.

stained-glass-copyWhen you give to NEO, are doing more than just donating, you are you are making an investment in the lives of youth and joining a movement of people committed to creating a world where young people are celebrated, thriving, and happy.   We hope that you will join us in this movement by donating to NEO today.

Every amount helps, whether you can afford $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, or even $500 per month.

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