Drug & Alcohol – Above the Influence is here to help you stay above the influence. The more aware you are of the influences around you, the better prepared you will be to stand up to the pressures that keep you down. We’re not telling you how to live your life, but are giving you another perspective and the latest facts. You need to make your own smart decisions – Information and facts from the National Institute on Drug Abuse including blogs, free downloads and resources for getting help. – articles, stories, poetry including fiction and non-fiction and art created by teens discussing various topics such as drugs, school, the environment, discrimination and more. – is a unique resource. It’s a place for older teens to think in a focused way about their relationship with drugs and alcohol, and invites them to consider whether their substance use risks turning into a problem for them. – Erowid is a member-supported organization providing access to reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues. They work with academic, medical, and experiential experts to develop and publish new resources, as well as to improve and increase access to already existing resources. – A site for younger teens with alcohol facts, information and tips on how to deal with peer pressure.

General Health Info  – Local and national resouces for teens on topics icluding relationship abuse, suicide prevention, GLBTQ, internet safety, etc. – Teen health information including facts, quizzes, tip and resources with topics including the body, mind, drug & alcohol use, food & fitness, recipes, diseases, infections, school, finding jobs and staying safe.  This site covers everything from becoming a vegetarian to pimples to self-injury help to advice on what to get your mom for mother’s day. Also available en Espanol. – A good resource that deals with nearly every issue teens face including, depression, date rape, bullying, family issues and more. – Break the Cycle and the National Dating Abuse Helpline are collaborating to bring you By combining our resources and capacity, we are reaching more people, building more healthy relationships and saving more lives.

California Youth Crisis Line  –  1-800-843-5200  –  CYCL is also an immediate, reliable and free link between youth and local services. We can help you find homeless youth shelters, youth-serving medical clinics, on-going counseling services and much more throughout California. Topics include: suicide, depressions, anorexia, self-injury, homelessness and more.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

The Clinic – Citizens for Choice – Local teen clinic – provides compassionate, confidential, non-judgmental reproductive health care services for women, men and teens in Grass Valley.  Offer STD testing, birth control, the morning after pill and more. Visit website for information on location, hours, phone, etc.

Scarleteen – Scarleteen is an independent, grassroots sexuality education and support organization and website. Founded in 1998, is visited by around three-quarters of a million diverse people each month worldwide, most between the ages of 15 and 25. It is the higest ranked website for sex education and sexuality advice online.

Go Ask Alice – Go Ask Alice! is the health question and answer resource. Users can ask Alice any health related questions they may have or search past questions.

Teen Source – The purpose of TeenSource, is to improve the health and well being of young people in CA by providing non-judgmental, accurate, and reliable sexual and reproductive health information and resources.

National AIDS & STD’s Hotline  –  1-800-342-AIDS

Emergency Contraception Hotline  –  1-888-NOT-2-LATE

Planned Parenthood National Hotline  –  1-800-230-PLAN

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

DVSAC – Domestic Violence & Sexual Assult Coalition – Services include: 24-Hour crisis line (1-530-272-3467), 24-hour emergency shelter for battered women and their children, crisis intervention, Sexual Assault hospital accompaniment, individual and group peer counseling, therapeutic counseling, and assistant in obtaining temporary restraining orders, divorce and child custody orders and supportive transitional housing.

National Child  Abuse Hotline  –  1-800-422-4453

National Sexual Assault Hotline –  1-800-656-HOPE

Self Injury

National Eating Disorders Association  –  1-800-931-2237

Self-Abuse Finally Ends Helpline  –  1-800-DON’T-CUT

Writing & Art – articles, stories, poetry including fiction and non-fiction and art created by teens discussing various topics such as drugs, school, the environment, discrimination and more.

For Parents  – The anti-drug provides parents with information on all types of drug use and resources for talking with your kids. – Information for parents about how to talk to your kids about sex. – Information for parents on talking to your kids about sexual health.  Allows parents to select grade level to customize age appropriate conversations.  Available in English and Spanish along with a Native American adaptation.