Empowering Youth to Thrive!

Light the Way for Youth!

lights-on-colored-copyLight the Way is our annual fundraising campaign to support the Youth Center.  The campaign is designed to help create a stable ongoing funding base to support the NEO Youth Center.  New and past donors can pledge anywhere from $5 to $500+ per month, to ensure a safe and supportive environment where local young people can continue to play, explore, learn, and grow, through the help of their peers and a network of adult mentors. These tax-deductible donations also help cover the basic Youth Center operations, add more staff to serve the growing numbers of youth and increase the number of enriching activities.




About Us


NEO empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing New Events and Opportunities in a safe environment that encourages youth success and contributes to a healthier community.

The word NEO is prefix defined as new. NEO is a new way of thinking around making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on healthy alternatives. These events and opportunities create a safe environment which helps young people develop a sense of purpose, boost self-esteem, build skills for success, and be empowered to make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.

NEO hosts an average of 70 events per year with approximately 7,000 people attending.  We’ve seen great success with our events, we’ve decided it’s time to build on this and work towards finding a permanent home, so instead of supporting young people just a few times a month we can be providing activities everyday of the week.